Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ballet on the East River

Jen and I created this image on our second try of photographing under the Manhattan Bridge along the East River. The first time we experience torrential rain and both of us got completely soaked.

This abandoned mooring is located in Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO, Brooklyn. 

DUMBO, Brooklyn in my opinion is one of most scenic areas in New York City. There are many old industrial buildings, cobblestone streets and beautiful water front parks between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.  DUMBO is not named after an elephant with big ears but is an acronym: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.


  1. simply gorgeous. and i thought it was funny/interesting about DUMBO..pahahahahaha:]

  2. Great pic!
    And interesting and lovely project. I´m a ballerina too, from the South of Spain.