Thursday, July 8, 2010

Colors of Williamsburg

Dane – Kate and I created this image on a sunny spring morning in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I gave little direction for this series of images and only presented a stage to perform on.  I wanted for Kate to be herself.

Kate - I feel fortunate to have taken a very insightful lesson from this particular shot—often times, the simplest approach yields the most powerful results. 

Ironically enough, this was taken on my very first shoot with Dane. For this reason, I had no preconceived notion of what I should look like or even feel.  This clean palate to work in produced a fresh and unique look. Rather than thinking of the attitude pose as a means of stretching or line, I attempted to form an architectural design relatable to the graffiti, as it had such a vibrant energy about it.

 An eariy morning Williamsburg excursion showed me that letting go and giving in allows me to engage a new dimension to my craft.