Saturday, July 3, 2010

No snakes in Central Park

Stephanie was one of the few dancers that were willing to pose in the waters of Central Park. Unfortunately Stephanie had a phobia of snakes and was concerned that one would emerge from the depths of the lake. In all my years of living in New York City I never saw or heard of any snakes in Central Park so I assured her not worry.  She still had some reservations but we were able to create this beautiful image.

Upon further Google research there are snakes in Central Park but they are housed in the zoo located in the park. As for other wild animals in Central Park there are raccoons, coyotes and hawks:


  1. She is a very brave sole. When Sex and the City filmed the episode where Carrie and Big fall into the lake in Central Park, they dredged it first. I hope she came out of the water healthy. Forget about the snakes!

    Love your pics. They are very empowering!

  2. It is a beautiful image - well done everyone !

  3. J´adore cette photo.. Faire ça dans l'eau c'est encore plus magnifique idee !

  4. I adore her pose, the colors, and the backstory. Wonderful photograph, monsieur photographer!!